Alex Brizo is an Inquisitive Dream walking Explorer with latent talents who Commands Mental Powers and is an Anchor from Shift #0

Advancement: +4 Stat +1 Edge +1 Effort Skill
Alex Brizo
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Armor: 0



Might: (1)

Speed: (1)

Intellect: (1)


Skills: (p): light and medium weapons (t): forensics, dreams, any task involving learning something new, writing, geography, history (s): none (i): heavy weapons, hear or notice danger, initiative
Cyphers: L2 non-combat Effort Enhancer, L4 Secret
Abilities: telepathic, hedge magic, decipher, dreamcraft, bond, mental link with drifter, create anchor
Weapons: stun stick 0, unarmed 2 - eased
Equipment: Programmable Jumpsuit, stun stick, wrist computer, expensive slot, moderate slot, moderate slot, inexpensive slot, first aid pen, inexpensive slot, inexpensive slot, book, book, book

Alex Brizo

Player Intrusions


Background and Story

Age: 25

Alex is a dream walker who visits Arcadis and writes stories about those dreams and sells them for profit.

Alex was born to Thomas Alexander Brizo and Grace Harper-Brizo.

Alex has always had an active imagination and has consistently drifted in and out of his own worlds for nearly as long as he can remember. It feels as though his dreams and stories are real, and that there is some meaning behind them. Sometimes it's difficult to leave the dream world behind and return to his own reality.

In college Alex studied investigative forensics as well as minored in creative writing. He has been writing a series of books called "Plane Hunters" since he was a kid, the earlier versions never saw the light of day, but the last three titles have been a big hit.

The night before the story begins Alex sent his latest work into the cloud for safe keeping while he began his research on his next big project. He curled up in bed with his 'falling asleep book' -- a dry and dull exposition on the treatise of man, wearing a pair of blue boxer briefs he did not expect to wake up in another world wearing the same thing he went to bed in.

Brizo means to slumber. Brizo is a little-known Greek goddess of dreams and oceans. Her name is derived from the Greek “brizein” (to fall asleep), chosen because she delivered prophecies to her worshippers while they slept.

Character Arcs

  1. Solve a Mystery - How the fuck did I end up here?


Nox: bonded Drifter, Muse → Something about them complements your abilities. When they stand next to you, the first focus ability you use in any 24-hour period costs 2 fewer points.
Ant: Unknown
Ryan: Unknown


Nox: Platonic 2
Ant: Unknown
Ryan: Unknown



Hair: Inky black hair longer on the top and can style into a spikey faux mohawk
Eyes: ice-blue
Height: 6'0"
Build: broad shoulders, narrow waist, lightly defined musculature

He has a kanji tattoo on his left hip signifying luck, a tear out robotic arm on his right shoulder, and on his right shoulder blade a tattoo of a yin-yang symbol in the background and a green Chinese dragon circling a Bengal tiger.

Alex wears comfortable clothes, typically seen in jeans and a t-shirt. But he can wear a suit well.


Warm 0 ───+────── 10 Cold
Outgoing 0 ─+──────── 10 Shy
Spender 0 ─+──────── 10 Saver
Optimist 0 ───────+── 10 Pessimist
Easily Provoked 0 ───────+── 10 Easy-Going
Tough-minded 0 ──────+─── 10 Tender-hearted
Leader 0 ────+───── 10 Follower
Arrogant 0 ─+──────── 10 Humble
Happy 0 ───+────── 10 Discontent
Impulsive 0 ──+─────── 10 Thoughtful
Conventional 0 ────+───── 10 Radical Thinker
Emotional 0 ───+────── 10 Rarely shows emotion
Perfectionist 0 ──────+─── 10 Sloppy
Risk-taker 0 ────+───── 10 Cautious
Charismatic 0 ─+──────── 10 Aggravates People
Late 0 ────────+─ 10 Early for Appointments
Efficient 0 ───+────── 10 Inefficient
Team-oriented 0 ─────+──── 10 Prefers to work alone
Quiet 0 ───────+── 10 Loud
Subtle 0 ──────+─── 10 Direct
Selfish 0 ────+───── 10 Selfless
Go-getter 0 ───────+── 10 Lazy
Heroic 0 ───+────── 10 Cowardly
Takes things at face-value 0 ────────+─ 10 Reads between the lines
Tries to Please People 0 ──────+─── 10 Doesn’t Care What Others Think
Responsible 0 ────+───── 10 Irresponsible
Enthusiastic 0 ────+───── 10 Unexcitable
Systematic 0 ───+────── 10 Scatter-brained
Happy-Go-Lucky 0 ────+───── 10 Serious

Character Journal

Tier 1

Descriptor: Inquisitive

Type: Explorer

Flavor: Magic

Focus: Commands Mental Powers

Origin: Shift #0

Aspect: Anchor