Ryan Elliot is a Intelligent Former Chevalier Warrior with a PhD who Slays Monsters and is an Anchor from Purple Shift #45

Advancement: +4 Stat +1 Edge +1 Effort Skill
Ryan Elliot
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
Armor: 0




Speed: (1)



Skills: (p): light, medium, and heavy weapons (t): swords, speed defense when not wearing armor, cooking, perception, lockpicking, history, actions involving direct experience, monster lore (s): psychology (i): intellect defense
Cyphers: L4 Deathbringer, L6 Burst of Speed
Abilities: calm, bond, mental link with drifter, create anchor
Weapons: unarmed 2 - eased, long sword 4, blaster 4 long range
Equipment: Programmable jump suit, a long sword, blaster, wrist computer, energy pack (50 shots), first aid pen, moderate slot, inexpensive slot, inexpensive slot, inexpensive slot

Ryan Elliot

Player Intrusions (1XP)


Background and Story

Age: 818 (looks 21)

When Ryan was 16 he was taken as the human servant to one of the most powerful vampires of that time. She gave birth to a son shortly there after thanks to a magical ceremony. Ryan and her son grew close over the years and when Ant started showing signs of Drifting he bound himself to the growing vampire.

Over the years Ryan and Ant's friendship grew and when Ant asked his mother to join Rift Hunters International, Ryan asked for his release and joined Ant on his hunt for self.

Ant did not take Ryan as his human servant (yet) and Ryan is now aging. It has been 5 years and he still waits for Ant to claim his soul in the vampiric rites.

Character Arcs

  1. Develop a Bond - Ryan wants to convince Ant to take him as human servant


Ant: Bonded Drifter → Something about them complements your abilities. When they stand next to you, the first focus ability you use in any 24-hour period costs 2 fewer points.
Nox: Unknown
Alex: Unknown


Ant: Platonic 7



Hair: Dirty blonde
Eyes: Bright Green
Height: 6'1"
Build: slight muscular build, narrow waist

Ryan has no defining marks, if he weren't so devilishly handsome he'd blend into the crowd.

Ryan prefers to wear clothes that makes him blend in with the crowd. He doesn't want to stand out.


Warm 0 ─+──────── 10 Cold
Outgoing 0 ─+──────── 10 Shy
Spender 0 ────────+─ 10 Saver
Optimist 0 ─+──────── 10 Pessimist
Easily Provoked 0 ────────+─ 10 Easy-Going
Tough-minded 0 ─────────+ 10 Tender-hearted
Leader 0 ─────+──── 10 Follower
Arrogant 0 ───+────── 10 Humble
Happy 0 ──+─────── 10 Discontent
Impulsive 0 ───────+── 10 Thoughtful
Conventional 0 ───────+── 10 Radical Thinker
Emotional 0 ───+────── 10 Rarely shows emotion
Perfectionist 0 ────+───── 10 Sloppy
Risk-taker 0 ─────+──── 10 Cautious
Charismatic 0 ──+─────── 10 Aggravates People
Late 0 ──────+─── 10 Early for Appointments
Efficient 0 ──+─────── 10 Inefficient
Team-oriented 0 ─+──────── 10 Prefers to work alone
Quiet 0 ───────+── 10 Loud
Subtle 0 ────────+─ 10 Direct
Selfish 0 ────────+─ 10 Selfless
Go-getter 0 ─+──────── 10 Lazy
Heroic 0 ─+──────── 10 Cowardly
Takes things at face-value 0 ───────+── 10 Reads between the lines
Tries to Please People 0 ───+────── 10 Doesn’t Care What Others Think
Responsible 0 +───────── 10 Irresponsible
Enthusiastic 0 ───+────── 10 Unexcitable
Systematic 0 +───────── 10 Scatter-brained
Happy-Go-Lucky 0 +───────── 10 Serious

Character Journal

Tier 1

Descriptor: Intelligent

Type: Warrior

Flavor: Knowledge and Skills

Focus: Slays Monsters

Origin: Purple #45

Aspect: Anchor