L2 Phantom, 12 HP, 2 cold, inspire fear L3, no physical damage only magical or energy based, short (Loot: 1d4 cyphers)

L5 Gelatinous Cube, immediate, 25 HP, upon entering a creatures space can engulf, failed speed save 6 acid damage, engulfed creatures can't breathe, creature is stuck and moves with cube each round stuck creature takes 6 acid damage, engulfed creature can make a might check to escape each round as their action, cube can only hold 1 large creature, or 4 human-sized creatures 1d6 cyphers

L4 Guard, 14 HP, 4 damage, speed defense of opponent hindered if more than one, short

Zombie Girl L3 (9), immediate, Health 12, bite - 3 damage

Vampire 6 (18), health 24, 7 dmg, long, climb, stealth, perception 8, speed defense 7, mesmerize

Thug, Health 9, damage 4, short → clothing, wrist computer, stun stick

L5 (15) Hulking Oni, 8 damage, 20 Health, Feats of raw strength as level 6; Intellect defense and seeing through deception as level 3; Speed defense as level 3 due to size

L7 T-Rex, 50 health, 10 damage, L5 speed defense

L5 Warrior , 25 health, 8 damage, 2 armor (with 3 guards: 3 assets) (NPC)

L3 Young Phoenix, 11 health, flies long distance, damage 2 +2fire, rebirth 1d6+1 days later if ashes not scattered