Phoenix Bound

Bears the Phoenix Feather

Requires: Bound Magic Creature as an origin ability, 3 disadvantages and added Tier Advancement Requirement.

Tier 1: Shroud of Flame
Tier 2: Hurl Flame
Tier 3: Font of Healing or Wings of Fire
Tier 4: Flame blade
Tier 5: Fire Tendrils
Tier 6: Restore Life or Fire Servant

Tier Advancement Addition:

In order to advance to the next tier the Bearer must spend an additional 4XP to level the Phoenix


Protects the Feather Bearer

The focus of the Phoenix bound by the Feather.

Tier 1: Healing Touch for the Bearer
Tier 2: Devoted Defender of the Bearer
Tier 3: Hidden Closet
Tier 4: Inspire Action of the Bearer
Tier 5: Willing Sacrifice for the Bearer
Tier 6: Greater Healing Touch for the Bearer or Restore Life of the Bearer

Other Tier Advancements for the Phoenix


The Phoenix doesn't always do as he's asked. The following table helps determine the reaction of the Phoenix based upon the relationship between it and the bearer.

d20 + [RS] Reaction
1-6 No
7-12 Maybe
13+ Yes
where RS = the Relationship score with the bearer. A platonic score is positive and a rivalry score is negative. Cannot be both platonic and a rival.